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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Oh Where, Oh Where Have We Been?

First of all, I apologize for the gross lack of blogging. I cannot even begin to explain why we have not blogged, other than life with three preschoolers is BUSY!

Since the last time we blogged, we have been quite busy.

We made a quick trip to Atlanta because Uncle Bill's dad died and we went to Atlanta for the Memorial service.

The boys completed swim lessons and are now little fish. Reed asks to go swimming at least once a day. They love to jump in the pool.

Abbey and I both quit our work with our homeowner's association. Abbey and I worked to help take care of the books and also clubhouse maintenance. For the past three years, I have been the president of the HOA, but this summer it has gotten to be too much.

After being cursed out several times and someone actually showing up on our porch to complain, we said "WE'RE DONE!"

The Frey boys came over to play the other afternoon.

The boys always love getting together.

This summer, when we are not at the pool, the boys are in the backyard playing in the water.

This weekend was pretty low key. We stayed at home most of the weekend and caught up on housework. I think that I've put away about 1000 pieces of laundry today!

This week, I have writers conference for the next four volumes of FLYTE the preteen curriculum I'm working on.

Check out the contrast in skin color!

Reed and Nash have really taken to "turning" into different animals. At any given time, Nash might be "dooby doo" or a frog or a turtle. Right here, you see Nash being a monkey.

Next weekend we are going to Sardis Lake for the Drake family reunion. It's really just Pop's brother and sisters all family, so it's smaller than full-scale family reunion, but it will be fun.

Will is still holding out his ability to not walk. I think he thinks it is funny.

He also fully embraces his appetite for anything that doesn't eat him first.

Reed is really learning well to distinguish between perceived emergency and a real emergency.

He is also learning how to use his personality to his advantage. He knows when to be sweet, when to be humorous, and is struggling a little bit about when to look innocent.

Nash has been continuing to hone in on his English skills. He is so funny and I love to hear his new words.

He has the most adorable smile you have ever seen. He is going to be a ladies' man.

The boys absolutely love playing with all of their friends. They love to play with Tate, Britton, Caleb, Wesley, Hudson, and Cooper.

Great brothers.

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