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Thursday, July 14, 2011

North Carolina, 32, and Craft Day

We went to North Carolina last weekend for me to teach at Sunday School weekend at Ridgecrest. The boys were thrilled for 2 reasons: 1. Uncle Bill went with us and 2. We stayed in a hotel (Reed LOVES hotels!).

Little brother Nash is learning to love the same things that Reed loves, so the whole hotel idea was pretty exciting for him.

Will was just along for the ride.

We paid a little extra to have a suite so the boys would have space to run around.

On Monday, I turned 32.

My thoughtful family had a little surprise party for me at Chick-fil-a on Tuesday night. We had blackberry cobbler that was delicious, a chocolate chip cookie cake, and homemade vanilla bean ice cream. Michelle made the yummy ice cream.

The boys also had "Craft in Your Undies" time with mom.

Will, realizing that he wasn't going to get to participate, decided he would leave his clothes on.

He did, however, participate in the cheezits for snack time.

Nash was very serious about his artwork.

Reed employed the two hand technique used by all modern artists.

Nash wanted to perfect his stroke.

Will wanted to waddle in the paint.

But took pleasure in the fact that mom served food.

I think that we know who our more detail-oriented son will be.

On Monday, we are flying to New Mexico. My mom thinks it is funny that last year I posted that we would probably not ever travel again and we travel all the time.

We are excited to take the boys to New Mexico. There will be lots of time for them to explore.

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