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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vacation Day 1

It's actually "sort of" day 2 for the beach vacation, but since we actually got to the beach today, we're going to call this day 1.

Yesterday on the way toward the beach, we finally stopped in Huntsville and let Reed look at the big rocket.

Nash was pretty excited about the rocket.

This was the best picture that we could find.

Will loved the rocket.

It was a good place for Reed and Nash to get some running out.

We stayed at Hampton Inn in Greenville last night because I had some Hilton Honors Points. So, we decided that we would get a head start to the beach.

We stopped to eat at a hibachi grill for lunch in Foley.

The first pretty much freaked all three of the boys out.

Then Will realized that it meant food for him and he was happy.

I enjoyed stuffing my face.

After we finished eating lunch, we headed to our beach house.

We got here and it looked like the cleaning crew was still working, so we left and went down to the beach.

The boys were SO excited.

You would not believe how much Reed was talking about the beach.

We had NO intentions for the boys to get into the water, but they just couldn't resist.

Nash and Will loved their first taste of the beach. Reed had been telling them for weeks that they would love the beach.

Reed was excited to find a "dead goldfish."

Uncle Bill resisted the water and made sure that he was tweeting our experience.

Abbey loves getting her toes in the sand.

After supper, we went back to beach. It was cool and breezy, but the boys were determined to go.

Will is not really a fan of cold water.

We were looking at a kite. I use "we" loosely.

Nash is so skinny his swim trunks kept falling off of him. We're going to have to let him wear Will's swim trunks.

Please note: Reed is actually in the ocean!

After we were finished, Reed wanted to go swim in the "small lake".

Reed does not like his head to go under water.

Will wasn't sure about any of it.

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