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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Beach Vacation: Day 5

Today was a fabulous day on the beach! It was incredible! The weather was finally warm!

Reed loved wearing his monkey hat.

Reed got silly and decided that he was going to put sand on his back.

But he was absolute cuteness.

Then Nash wanted to be like his big brother.

Nash then buried himself in the sand.

The weather was so nice and Will takes EXCELLENT naps out at the beach, so we decided to spend the entire day at the beach. We stayed out there for 6 hours. It was amazing!

Will would prefer to eat the sand than to sit in it.

Nash really worked hard at burying himself.

I really had to keep myself in check with this activity! Digging a hole for the boys. They constantly wanted to put sand into the whole. I had to keep reminding myself that it was a memory!

Can you see how clear the water is?

Will wore Mama's Vera Bradley hat.

I know that I say this too often, but my kids are CUTE!

We finally came back to the beach house around 4:30 and got ready to eat seafood at our favorite, Desotos.

These rolls are delicious.

Abbey had the grilled mahi.

Uncle Bill had the broiled seafood platter.

I had the fried seafood platter. The big boys had shrimp and they loved them. Reed also loved my crab claws and tasted my oysters. I'm so happy to have seafood eating kids.

After dinner we had to go to Reed's favorite store in the world, "The Purple Octopus."

Remember these past visits to the Purple Octopus?



Again, cuteness you could eat!

Will was checking out the Octopus.

Nash didn't share the Reed's affinity for the for the octopus.

Doesn't Abbey look incredible in this pic?

Sadly, we only have 2 more full days at the beach. We plan to make the most of them though!
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