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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Strawberry Plains

Apparently my wife and her friends Nicole and Michelle are addicted to picking strawberries, because they have gone not once, but twice this week. Yeah, we've got a lot going on this week, but Abbey isn't satisfied until she adds canning freezer jam to the list.

I must admit it is hard to pass up the yummy deliciousness of fresh pick strawberries.

Nash LOVES strawberries.


The boys had a lot of fun picking strawberries.

When we went on our honeymoon, the B & B we stayed in had freezer jam. We loved it so much they gave us some to take home with us. That was the last time that we had freezer jam until we moved to Tennessee.

That's when we had Mrs. Mazella's freezer jam. That was really one of the deciding factors of us moving to TN. That, and we knew that this is where God wanted us to be.

Last year Abbey made tons of freezer jam and we gave it to the boys' teachers for Christmas.

Now you see it.

Now you don't.

Reed skipped school today to go strawberry picking.

I know he had a great time.

Will supervised.

Reed made sure he only picked the red ones.

The critics decided that the strawberry field they went to today had tastier and plumper strawberries than the field they visited on Monday.

I've never been invited to go strawberry picking, but I'm not bitter.

Will, however, was pretty upset that Daddy didn't get invited.

So, if you have never had a fresh picked strawberry, you must find a place to get one. Then get a store bought strawberry. Slice them in half. Look at the store bought strawberry. It will be mostly white on the inside. The fresh picked strawberry will be red all the way through.

Store bought strawberries are picked green and then sprayed to make them ripen.

Now, taste them. There is no comparison. Fresh strawberries taste yum yum.

Check out Reed's new fashion statement. Rain boots with shorts.

Will still didn't agree with leaving me out. Don't worry buddy, I'm going to just take you with me when we go blackberry picking.
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