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Monday, May 16, 2011

Beach Vacation: Day 2

I think that Reed looks too old in the picture above. So old that I almost deleted the picture, but because he is adorable still, I kept it.

Reed woke up ready to go to the beach and by woke up, I mean 7:00 AM and by ready to go to the beach I mean, every other sentence was "Is it time to go to the beach?"

It is cooler here at the beach this time than it has ever been. Only about 70-77 degrees or so. When we got to the beach this morning, it was 68. Cool, but the boys were in the water.

Nash is definitely more cold natured than Reed. He would shiver if the water hit him at first.

So far, Will has proven himself to be our non-beachbum child.

In case anyone is thinking of purchasing the boys swimtrunks, please make sure that they have drawstrings. Today's swimtrunks were courtesy of Aunt Ava and they had drawstrings which made it much easier.

These two do everything together.

Nash is more adventurous than Reed, so when I got out into the water, he came along. Reed is definitely becoming more adventurous, but he won't let water get on his head. Nash will.

Danny and Michelle let us borrow the frog tent for Will. It was great to have today as Will decided to nap in the middle of beach time.

The water is extremely calm, but not as cold as the air would make you think.

The many many faces of Nash.

Will said "That's okay brothers, you go right ahead. I'm staying here where it's dry."

The boys had a great time pouring water.

The exposure is bad, but the picture is one of Reed's favorite things to do. Fly kites. It keeps his attention for at least 30 seconds.

Uncle Bill is our resident kite flying expert.

Nash is developing a second and third personality. 1. is when he pretends to be a frog. 2. is when he pretends to be a dog. The dog personality was coming out yesterday and he was trying to pick the rake up with his mouth. Not a good idea.

He is so funny. I think he is going to be our more artsy child. Definitely doesn't march to the beat of anyone else's drum. He has a rhythm that's all his own.

We always look so white next to our kids!

Look Ma! No hands!

Got it!

Will fell asleep while watching the waves. I laid down by him. Thankfully, Abbey didn't get me in the pic like she did with her iPhone!

We did leave a little water in the ocean.

Such a sweet kid! Just gotta love him.


Uncle Bill was trying to soak up some rays.

The concentration look.

Nash is a good winker!

Back at Uncle Bill's beach house, we all took naps. By the way, if you are new to our blog, we call it Uncle Bill's beach house but it's really rented. We also call any hotel we stay in Uncle Bill's Birmingham Hotel or insert other city's name. We don't want the boys to know that we can afford to stay in a hotel or go to the beach, so we always blame it on Uncle Bill. You know, keep the expectations low!

We decided to go back to the beach to let Abbey and Will sleep a little more.

This year, we rented a beautiful beach house that has room to spread out and even has a backsand (is that what you call a sand filled yard?).

Uncle Bill was posing for a pic in which I told Reed to throw the ball to him. Someone missed the memo.

Taiwanese basketball?

Tonight we grilled pizza and watched the Survivor finale'. I fell asleep while putting the boys to bed, so not sure what else Abbey and Bill watched.

This year our beach rental experience has been awkward.

1. The house was unclean when we got here. Apparently there was a mixup with the cleaning crew. The property managers were embarrassed and promised a huge refund. We told her that we would clean the sheets and bathrooms, in exchange for a deeper refund. SHOW ME THE MONEY!

2. We grilled hot dogs for lunch and then while I was heating the grill for the pizzas, we ran out of butane. When I asked where the spare was, she said that I could go and get another and be reimbursed. Did I mention we are planning on grilling almost everyday?

It doesn't matter though, because we are having a great time.
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