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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Prince William Arthur's First Birthday

Abbey once again outdid herself on Will's first birthday.

Complete with vinyl monogram and crown, it was truly a royal affair.

While other people were waking up at crazy hours in order to watch the other royal get married, we gave our friends the opportunity to sleep in and come for a dinner party.

The party was held in our neighborhood clubhouse.

Little Princes and Princesses were able to make their own customized crowns.

Everyone left with a key-lime cake pop.

The Charming Cheese Tray.

Trafalgar Square Tea.

Crown cups.

The lemon-lime crown cake was one of the most delicious cakes I have ever put into my mouth.

Will's minicakes for digging into!

The big boys wore coordinating party colors.

Pop let Will get his first glimpse of the party.

Uncle Bill assisted in the crown making.

Lola can't believe that her own baby (Abbey) was 31 and her grandbaby was 1.

Princess Carah.

The Frey Royals.

Prince Caleb.

Princess Emma.

Prince Nash.

Princess Cate.

Grand Garlic Bread
Lavish Lasagna
Caesar's Salad
Water of Wales

Picadilly Circus Chicken Nuggets
Mind the Gap Mac and Cheese

Sweet Prince William

Prince Kooper.

Yummy Birthday cake.

Will loved his cake.

Nash loved helping him.

Will was much more into eating the cake than Reed was.

Will with his namesake Uncle Bill.

It was a fabulous birthday with tons of fun with some of our best friends.
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