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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Beach Vacation: Day 4

It was finally a bit warmer today. We spent a long time at the beach. The boys loved it.

The water was calm and very clear. It was absolutely beautiful.

I completely missed this pic. I don't know when it happened. Reed recovered nicely.

I think the boys were checking out my kite flying skills.

This is how we spell: RELAX.

Uncle Bill bought Will this fedora which is absolutely adorable on him.

I know that some people don't like my chest on the blog, but today Will spent spent a couple of hours in my lap!

I think that we have the cutest kids in the world.

Nash and Reed spent most of their time moving water from the ocean to the beach and sand from the beach to the ocean.

Will slept on my chest for about 2 hours. It was wonderfully relaxing.

The boys love the television show Ninja Warrior, so today, we let them do "Ninja Warrior" tasks.

It was hilarious.

Still sleeping.

These two boys love to be with each other.

Finally awake.

Tonight we had Hawaiian Chicken for supper and then went for frozen custard.

Will and Reed were exhausted because they didn't have afternoon naps. Nash did.

We have done really well at not eating out this trip. We ate at Lamberts yesterday which was on the meal plan, and we are planning on eating at Desoto's for supper tomorrow night.

Our beach house this time has been wonderful. I LOVE the floor plan. I have an idea for how to make our floorplan in our home more open.

Abbey had time to read her book.

The smile says it all.

Silly Nash!
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