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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Sprinkles

For Mother's Day, Abbey was busy writing for an assignment, so she stayed at church while the boys and I hung out in the backyard.

After naptime, we decided that we would go out to the backyard and play.

We have a sprinkler that Manya bought for the boys. It sprays water everywhere!

Reed and Nash LOVED it.

Reed hates getting water in his eyes. Nash pretends to hate to get water in his eyes, so every time Reed would get water in his eyes, he would pretend to not be able to see and run right to me.

Reed has learned how to make himself swing "super high."

He asked me if that was a "good smile". He is so funny.

This morning Reed woke up wanting to go to school with Ms. Candie. Ms. Candie is his preschool teacher. He said that he needed to see Abby. I asked who Abby was. He said, "She's my girlfriend." Um ... hello, you are in preschool, why do you have a girlfriend?

Reed wore this swimsuit during his first summer home. It's too big for Nash!

We've got to get some meat on his belly.

Reed found mud and he was having a blast.

Will was enjoying being in the sun and soaking up the vitamin D.

For some reason, unbeknownst to me, Nash didn't want to go near the mud.

Reed on the other hand, wanted to wallow in it.

Soon, I realized that Nash was shivering.

After we dried off, we went out on the front porch and had popsicles.

The boys got busy looking for bugs.

We missed having Mommy home during Mother's Day, but we did have a fun time. It was good time.

I was doing dishes downstairs and then came upstairs to find this. Um ... No, you can't watch TV sitting on the entertainment center!
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