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Monday, February 15, 2010

Valentine's Day Recap

So, here's a little recap of our Valentine's Day.

First, we woke up and got ready for church. It's 3 degrees below cold here and we're about tired of it.

After we headed out of our house, we went our normal breakfast hotspot, Hardee's.

Of course, Reed was excited to see that Mrs. Velberta and Mr. Mel were there. They are always there, so it wasn't much of a surprise, but Reed has to ask every week as we approach, "Where's Velberta?"

Reed was extremely sweet yesterday, which happened to be a great Valentine's Day.

Then, it was time to head to church. Abbey, Candace and I teach preteens. It's a blast.

Yesterday, our kids were a little hyper.

Well ... a lot hyper. It could be the fact that they have had so many snow days, or ...

The fact that we brought Coke and Dr. Pepper and Candace brought Brownies and Cupcakes.

At any rate, they were a lot of fun.

And I was thrilled that they were liking our Sunday School music CD so much. They actually wanted to have a dance off.

Then we had to go to Extended Teaching Care, my least favorite place of service within the church.

But, I was having a blast with them yesterday.

And they were having a lot of fun too.

Until Miss Leah came in and said that her and Candace only had 1 kid in the nursery, so she volunteered Candace to stay with Abbey so we could go to church. So, I took the opportunity and heard a great sermon.

After I left, the kids made Valentines.

Kolbi, Reed's good friend enjoyed making his Valentine.

Of course, Reed and Britton had a blast working together.

Manya came to church with us yesterday. Afterwards, we all went to Zaxby's. We were supposed to have roast for lunch, but Abbey had yet another crock pot issue. This time, it was forgetting to turn it on!

Last night, we had Danny, Megan, Candace, and Manya over for Valentine's Lasagna.

Abbey tested fondue for the baby shower she is throwing for Tamara tonight.

Reed was very impressed.

Our guests really enjoyed their meal.

Afterward, we played "What's Yours Like?" It is so much fun!

Danny really impressed us yesterday when he said that he had gotten Megan a "punch kit" for Valentine's day. We were eager to see what a Punch Kit was, but it turned out not to be as "techno" as we thought. What he meant, was that he had bought her all of the supplies to make punch, because Megan loves punch.

So, all in all, I would say we had a great Valentine's Day.

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