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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Todays Ramblings

Today was really busy! Reed went to school.

He said that he had a good time.

He told me and I quote: "I played with my friends Britton, Michael, and Haden. We waced wound and wound."

He then said "My friend Britton and I pwayed on the fwoor and then we pwayed aminals."

Abbey worked on finishing up her ideation for Worship Kidstyle.

She also got one of the most amazing compliments today. It actually came to her editor Kay or as we refer to her Kay Kay. It was a letter talking about a lesson a few weeks ago and she wrote that it was written by Abbey Land.

It was the coolest story of how the kids had prayed for the pastor at the exact moment he was feeling ill and then he all of a sudden felt better.

Abbey had written the activity that the kids were going to prayer walk and visit the minister's offices and pray for them.

Tomorrow I am taking the day off. We are having our fingerprints made for the adoption.
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