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Monday, February 08, 2010

Reed's Busy Day

Reed had a really busy day.

First, he and Mommy played Candy Land.

Reed thought that Candy Land was a lot of fun.

He had a little trouble today with "doing the right thing" though.

He chose to revert back to his old ways and had two accidents, or rather, "on purposes".

So, Abbey had to cover up his train table and he was not allowed to play with it until he went to potty.

Eventually, he went and things went back to normal.

However, that was after he realized how to take the top of the train table and we had to put it back on.

Then he enjoyed a little time with some Play Doh.

He was very serious about his playdoh.

Very serious .

We're not exactly sure what he was making, but he certainly knew.

Now, our yard and street are completely covered under a blanket of snow. This would be fine, except for the fact that now the schools are out and that means Reed won't be going to MDO tomorrow.
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