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Sunday, February 07, 2010

A New Week!

A new week is upon and I've been talking about it a while, but tomorrow it starts.

I am going on a diet. I am also going to try to work out in addition to eating healthy. I am hoping that I can lose about 24 pounds. I am also thinking about starting a separate weight-loss tracking blog.

According to several sites that I have visited it takes about 2700 calories a day to maintain my current weight (210 lbs at 6 ft) and most suggest that I go to a 2000 calorie diet, plus exercise.

I am a little nervous about it because I have never had to lose weight in my life.

And ... any of you that read that knew me about 6 or more years ago, probably are having a hard time believing that i could possibly be overweight. Since, for most of my life, I struggled with being painfully skinny.

Tonight we hung out with Brandon and Tamara and Britton. Reed wore his Drew Brees jersey and we cheered on the NO Saints!

We were very excited that they won!

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