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Sunday, February 21, 2010

20,000 Pieces of Playground

So, yesterday it all began. Well, actually it began a while back. Pop and Lola decided that they wanted to get Reed a swingset for Christmas/Birthday, so we began looking.

We decided on one that Wal-Mart had, so we ordered it. We were shocked when it was delivered in 2 VERY small boxes.

Those two very small boxes were JAM PACKED full of pieces.

Lola, Ava, and Abbey labeled EVERY single piece. It was an incredible task.

Reed woke up from his nap completely ready to play on his swingset, but it was no where near ready.

Everyone pitched in to get the pieces together.

Aunt Ava tried convincing Reed that it was going to come together, but he was not convinced.

Today, we worked hard.

Uncle Brookie played ball with Reed while we worked.

Reed was having a blast in the beautiful weather.

Everything was going great until we realized that we put two of the base pieces on wrong. It was not a terribly hard fix.

After ball, Uncle Brookie blew bubbles for Reed.

Pop worked very hard.

It actually got a little warm.

When it started going up, we realized it was going to be much larger than we imagined.

Reed loved playing outside today.

This is about the 10th position that we had the swingset it, but it was the final resting place.

Reed loved the picnic table.

We had a little snafu on the slide, but it was also pretty easily fixed.

Then it was time to swing!



Notice that Reed's shoes are on the wrong feet. He loves going against the flow.

Reed really loves the slide.

Of course, we would love for him to climb up eat correctly.

I think he had a good time playing!

Lola reminded Reed to be careful.

The final issue was trying to get the very last piece on! It took a few tries.

But it was certainly worth it to see Reed's happy face.

Pop enjoyed getting to push Reed on the swing.

So, it was a long process, but in the end, Reed ended up with a pretty sweet swingset.
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