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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oh Cupcake!

I don't know that we've talked enough about cupcakes and our love for them, but we do love cupcakes. My love for cupcakes plus my need to lose weight is something that I must struggle with. So, imagine my surprise when I came home today and Abbey had made like a gazillion mini cupcakes.

First, there were the Mocha Latte cupcakes.

Oh my goodness! These were delicious! They tasted so good. They were a lot like my favorite from my favorite cupcake place, The Cupcake Collection.

Next, there were the Fresh Orange Citrus cupcakes.

These were good, but not my favorites, as I've already told you my favorite.

Then there were the Salted Caramel Chocolate cupcakes.

Again, these were good, but they weren't my absolute favorite. I just love coffee flavored food!

I've got a few more things to tell you, so don't leave just yet. Click on the picture below and see the latest cute thing Uncle Bill taught Reed.

Finally, I have to tell you a great story from tonight at church.

I decided to go to the youth service tonight because there was a band there and I had heard that it was supposed to be really great. I found out later that she was the daughter of one of my writers. Her name is Danya Powell.

Anyway, Danya really rocks. She and her band did an excellent job. Danya is an excellent worship leader and very powerful speaker. I was amazed to learn that she is only 18. She is certainly far more spiritually connected and mature that many people older than her. I also realized that I am getting too old because the drums were SO loud to me!

But that's just part of the neat story. I am a people watcher, so I take stock of the people around me. It's always interesting for me to watch the youth at our church and I was especially watching tonight because there were also youth from Danya's church there.

I noticed that there was a preppy boy in crowd from Danya's church. He seemed like the kind of kid you would want to be your son. You know, connected, cool, but not arrogant. Anyway, at some point he was obviously approached or noticed another guy in the crowd. This guy was anything but preppy, in fact, I would probably peg him as thuggish. You know, "pants on the ground", "hat turned sideways" (hey isn't there a song about him?). I noticed as the preppy boy took the thuggish boy and sat down with him on the pew as it appeared the thuggish boy began to pour his heart out to the other one. The boy was visibly emotional and the All-American boy prayed with the other boy. Not only that, he the All-American had his arm firmly around the other guy's shoulder. At the end of several minutes of praying together the guys got up and the All-American hugged the other guy.

I couldn't help but thing of Jesus and Zacchaeus. You know, Jesus, the Son of God took time to go to the lying, cheating, tax collector's home and befriend him. I appreciate those reminders from God that we are supposed to love everyone, especially those who are not "exactly" like us. I especially like it when the reminders come from 15 year old guys! I hope that this All-American is a picture of the future of our church. We need more kids like him.
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