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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Buddy!

Reed woke up this morning rip, roaring, and ready to celebrate his birthday.

Manya brought him his birthday breakfast. Sausage biscuits from McDonald's.

Of course, Reed had to line up his trains to help him eat.

Reed was thrilled to get presents, although he didn't really get that many today.

Tonight, we took him for his favorite supper: "Rolls and Peanuts." He loves Logan's.

I think he likes to throw peanuts on the ground.

After supper he got to go ride the carousel at the Mall. He loves riding the Ostrich. He wanted Uncle Bill to ride with him.

They had a good time going round and round in circles.

Reed's birthday party is this Saturday, so he is going to get to have two celebrations.

Afterward we went to Target and were thrilled to finally get to meet little Macy! Macy is Nana and Putty's sweet little granddaughter.

Reed was a little bit timid around Macy.

But she was SO sweet!

Then he finally warmed up to Miss Macy.

When we got home, Manya gave him a new train, "Rosie". Tonight I realized that since Christmas I have replaced 34! batteries in these different trains! Thankfully, Enna and Poppy sent Reed a giftcard to buy lots of batteries!


We didn't get him a cake, but gave him cupcakes from Cupcake Collection. Yum! Yum!

Click on the picture below to see Reed blowing out his birthday candles. And yes, before you asked his candles were a tea light and a #2 candle. We're going to do better on Saturday.

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