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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The World's Cutest Purple Opopus

You may remember that when we visited Gulf Shores back in September, Reed fell in love ...

... with a two-story tall purple octopus.

Since that time, he has frequently talked about, asked to see, and even prayed for the purple "opopus."

We've been trying to decide what he was going to be for Halloween.

His choices were "witening mafween" (Lightening McQueen), a meow (kitty cat), or a purple opopus. Ultimately, he decided on the purple octopus.

Our idea was to get some socks, dye them purple, stuff them and safety pin them to the "Purple Octopus" shirt we bought him at the beach.

But Saturday, while I was in the airport, Enna called and said that she and my dad had the idea that they would make his outfit.

Little did we know they would take it to the next level with purple satin tentacles, satin pants for his sixth and seventh tentacles, a purple fleece top, tentacle feet for his shoes, a purple satin, fleece lined hood, purple gloves, purple make-up, real suction cups on the tentacles, a sewing kit for touch-upsand even a giftcard for us!

It was actually a really great thing that they did such a good job because he will be wearing the costume for the next four days. Tonight at our church Harvest Festival, tomorrow at MDO, Friday at the Batson Halloween Party, and Saturday night to Trick or Treat.

Of course, Reed was thrilled to see his sweet friend MeiMei. She and Reed play every Wednesday night while we adults talk.

He also got to see Becca who likes to play with Reed on Sunday mornings.

Abbey and I were the "cotton candy" makers tonight, so MeiMei did a good job at watching Reed for us.


The Glenn Gang said...

Love it. So creative and original! There is a purple octopus store in Daytona Beach and I think of Reed everytime I see it.

Michelle said...

He's an adorable purple octopus! It's my favorite color!

Kerry said...

Cutest dang opopus in the whole wide world! That is a fantastic costume.

Becca is an absolutely B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L girl!!! That picture, those eyes, knocked my socks off!

Anonymous said...

Okay, we made it through this year with a GREAT TIME making the Purple Octopus. Reed, I have never seen your Poppy get so excited over anything like he was on this outfit. YOU know, to make it even cuter on Reed, if that is possible....put the straps on the inside and the shirt on over the straps....but either "!!! We love you all. Enna and Poppy

Sewconsult said...

Love the great details. EXCELLENT!
Beckie Hultman
(who had used the wrong account when commenting last night...oops)

Mary Catherine said...

I LOVED playing with Reed!