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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Sitting in the Airport

So, here I sit in Columbia, South Carolina airport. It's a pretty nice airport. They even have nice rocking chairs to relax in while you wait on your flight. They do not, however, have many flights going out!

After a very busy with with Writers Conference, Abbey and I followed true fashion and overbooked ourselves. Abbey went with Manya to Memphis to Beth Moore and I hopped a plane and flew to Columbia to teach a conference. When I agreed to do this conference, like 8 months ago, it didn't seem that silly!

The piece of the puzzle that I forgot to connect was that LifeWay Kids Conference in Arlington starts on Monday.

That wouldn't be so bad either except for at the time, I assumed that we would be flying to LKC. Little did I know that in order to save on expenses, we would be driving! So, that leaves me here, resting in the Columbia airport, because when I get home I will be driving to Memphis to spend the night at Lola and Pop's where I will pick up my family. We will leave out early in the morning and drive to Dallas. We're excited that will be able to see friends and attend church at First Baptist Church Cedar Hill, TX which is the first staff position I held.

The funniest thing about this whole marathon of conferences that I now find myself running is that my flight back to Nashville involves a connection in Memphis. Yes, you read that correctly. I am going to fly over Nashville to Memphis, fly from Memphis back to Nashville, get in our van and drive from Nashville to Memphis. What is wrong with this picture?

Oh well, it is worth it. I had a great time at Writers Conference this year. God has blessed me with an incredible team to serve with and I can't wait to see what He does with the ideas that were discussed this week. I taught a conference today at a church that was inspired to reach out to parents after attending a conference I taught in South Carolina about 9 months ago. This church, which probably has about 15 children on Sunday morning, had over 100 teachers and parents in attendance today. And next week, I'll get to see some of our best friends, some of my favorite ministry leaders, and get to teach some new conferences, plus I'll have my family with me.

So, while it may seem like we've lost our minds, we haven't. We possibly could schedule better, but where's the fun in that?
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