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Monday, October 12, 2009

Texas Update

Our trip to Texas was uneventful. Reed had plenty of toys to keep him occupied.

Last night we went to First Baptist Church, Cedar Hill, Texas. That's the first church where I served on staff. It was great to see my kids all grown up. Chris in the red shirt is one of my favorite kids of all time! I'm so proud of him.

Today at lunch we went to Campo Verde. It was our favorite Mexican restaurant when we lived here.

Reed loved it because it has a bazillion Christmas lights and several trains running through it.

We met up with Mary from Abbey's old workplace.

The conference started off great. I love LifeWay Kids Conference, because I get to see all of my friends.

I worked this morning setting up the booth and then I worked in the booth, we heard John Kramp speak and then I helped Bill count the conferees in the different conferences.

Instead of going to hear Comedian Ken Davis speak tonight, we headed over to meet Blanton, Jaime, and Parrish our best seminary friends.

It was great to see them. Reed is having a fun time playing in "Uncle Bill's Vacation House" (the hotel).

And he even got me to climb up the PlayPlace at McDonald's and go down the slide. I hate those things!
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