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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Reed's First BooBoo

Reed loves "babanas". He thinks they are delicious.

The other day, Abbey and Reed were walking to Manya's house and Reed started running. He tripped and scraped his arms.

He didn't even cry, even though I think that I almost did when I found out he fell and scraped his elbow. How come you hurt so bad for your kids?

Thankfully, besides being a wonderfully, fabulous friend and neighbor, Manya is also a nurse at our local hospital.

She cleaned Reed's scrape and put an awesome big bandaid on it. Reed was so impressed by the bandaid that he has been looking at it regularly ever since to remind himself and US that it's still there.

Of course, it is a different one by now, because we have replaced it a couple of times each day, but he's still pretty impressed.

After the booboo incident, Reed, Abbey, and Manya headed to a great nursery out in the sticks about 10 miles from our house.

They have great pumpkins for $3.00 and beautiful mums for $5.00.

Reed helped Manya pick out some nice mums for her porch.

They have a beautiful selection of different types of pumpkins and gourds.

Reed always finds himself a "sweet little pumpkin."

Reed was very impressed by this grasshopper that has moved into our house.
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