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Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Weekend Review!

We have had a wonderfully low-key weekend. We started Financial Peace University last week, so we are working on a new budget, which cut out a lot of our "out to eat" money.

So, we stayed in and you know, that really didn't bother us so much.

Reed played hide-n-go seek for a little while.

He has been playing really hard. He loves and loves to play.

He learned a new game, called bounce on the train.

I'm going to try to upload a video of this game in a minute.

All of that playing meant that a nap was a certainty, not a choice. Naptime on Saturdays are good for all of us. Reed and I get to spend quality "sleepytime" together. Abbey also gets some time to do work.

His smile brings so much happiness to our life. Right now, he is walking around our family room where he just asked me to take his shirt off. He's wearing socks, khaki's and no shirt (he's so fitting in to the South!) and he is pointing to his B (belly button) and screaming Ewww! He is so silly.

We also scored two new balloons this weekend. That, of course, would probably be the highlight of Reed's weekend, as it seemed that every time he woke from a nap or a night's sleep he immediately exclaimed "Bijoo!"

He enjoyed a bowl of cereal for a snack last night.

Reed hasn't seen Beeyull in a while so he took two of our old cell phones and tried calling him.

(Note to grandparents: We realize Reed has a cough and we are giving him meds.)
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