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Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Meltdown and a Hockey Game

Look at the picture above! What could have caused such an event?

I'm sure that you are thinking it was quite a bad thing, but would you believe that it was caused by Mama not letting Reed have a "nack" right after breakfast? And, when that didn't work, it further exploded when she wouldn't let Reed have a "kucker".

Poor Reedy, it just wasn't a good day.

He finally settled down.

Then he got to go play with Britty and see his Christmas toys.

He was glad to see "Abbey" too.

Last night, we went to our very first ever, NHL game! We went to cheer on the Predators and one special Blackhawk. It was Britty's cousin, Kris Versteeg who plays for the Blackhawks.

Hockey is definitely an interesting sport.

A lot more language than we are used to at football games.

Reed loved the lights, sounds, and ice.

He was also amazed by the crowds.

Reed and Britty had a great time playing. We got Uncle Bill to pick Reed up early from the game to make sure he didn't have any late-night meltdowns.

Reed and Britty gave us play-by-plays.

Here's an upclose pic of Kris.

Brandon got him to sign his chest.

We just got a picture with him!

We are thankful to the Batson's for getting us tickets to the game. It was a blast!
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