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Sunday, January 04, 2009


Reed had a great day at church. He was apparently had a great day because he saw his best friend, Britton. He has not seen him in over a week, which in "baby years" must be like 6 years, because Reed threw everything and took off for his best bud when he saw him.

Of course, there were some tiny meltdowns which can be attributed to a lack of "Cheetos" and Reed's apparent inability to remember that in order to get Cheetos you must say "please" and not "uh" and pointing.

However, he was otherwise an extremely happy little guy today. He took a great nap and had a big appetite.

He even made the fish face!

And patted his head.

And played the recorder that Lola and Pop gave him!

Which, I think he did pretty well, don't you?

Britty brought his parents over for dinner. We did our "Christmas" with them. Then, Reed and Britty took about 50 or 100 turns down the slide.

Then, Britty opened his present from Enna. Reed wasn't really thrilled with not getting a present from Enna tonight.

Reed decided that Britty's football looked fun.

Reed and Abbey (yes, that's what he calls Tamara) posed for a picture.

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