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Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Park

It was finally a beautiful day outside so we took advantage of the weather and took Reed to the Park.

Reed was thrilled with our decision and enjoyed playing really hard!

He ran and jumped and played.

Did I mention that he slid. He loves the slides. All 4 of them at this park.

He is getting so independent, wanting to go everywhere that he wants, by himself.

We are so blessed to live in a town with such a nice park system.

Reed agrees that parks are so much fun!


He was so sleepy tonight that he went to sleep before 8:00.

This was great news for me, until ...

I fell asleep too!

Thankfully, I woke up in time to post tonight and the most important thing is to see ER!

Mommy took a picture of us "cheesing".

He loves to be outside. Hopefully, tomorrow will be pretty enough to go back to the park.

We surprised Abbey by making Reed appear "head-first!"

Just a swinging!

Trying to climb over the fence.

Look at those sleepy eyes!
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