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Thursday, January 08, 2009

It's Almost Friday!

When our son wakes up, he is positively the cutest thing ever. He is so happy and sweet. He gives the sweetest, most happy little smiles.

He loves his work table. He loves to play with his toys.

And he loves to be cute!

He had a fun day at MDO today and was really happy to play with his friends, Haden, Eli, and Carston. He was really excited that Britty started MDO today.

He had something really important to tell us so he decided to yell!

Have you ever seen anyone get so excited about things. Literally, I don't know what it is that made this face happen, but it could have been something as simple as playing peek-a-boo or as funny as pulling a ball from behind your back.

This is the after-nap look.

He has this little "hmmph" noise that he makes when you ask him a question or when you are talking to him and he wants to ignore you. It's only slightly cute, because it is kind of rude. We're trying to teach him to say "sir" or "ma'am".

He loves his slide!

He's also a dare-devil.
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