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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Choo Choo

Reed has had so much fun playing today.

It finally snowed today in Tennessee. It was really pretty. I drove to work and there was nothing happening, about an hour later, we were driving home to avoid being snowed in downtown.

It turns out that the snow wasn't all that bad and it melted pretty quickly.

I brought work home. Lola and Reed played in another room while I did my work.

This afternoon, Reed played with his choo choo train.

He had a blast playing with his choo choo.

He had trouble figuring out that his body could not sit on the tracks.

But he loved making the train go under the bridge.

The choo choo was soo funny.

Destroying the train tracks was even funnier.

He liked how the magnets worked together on the train.

He must be getting another tooth because the drool is on strong right now.

This train is headed for disaster. There is very little track!

After playing with the train, Reed decided that it was time to play "koccer." I kept trying to get him to say "b-ball," but it was only "koccer".

Reed has learned how to say, "Taiwan." He says it really good. We're trying to teach him to know that when we ask "Where were you born" he should say, "Taiwan."


Brookie said...

No, not soccer!!!!

Kerry said...

When we go watch basketball Holly always calls it "hoops" which is way easier than basketball, and everyone thinks she is so cool, too!

Awesome that Reed can already answer about where he was born. I'm so far behind in that area. I'm still trying to get a lifebook finished...:)

Anonymous said...

We got to enjoy our four inches of snow, too! (But, I hope this is it for the winter!)