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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sweet Face!

The lack of post last night can be attributed to my second visit to the sleep clinic. I was hooked up to all 6500 wires and then to the CPAP. Then the band was wrapped around my chin to keep my big mouth shut while I slept!

The good news is that I felt better today than I have in years. The even better news for Abbey is there is no way possible to snore!

Reed is probably going to be scared of my new mask and Abbey is definitely not going to think that it is romantic!

Abbey has been having a busy few days getting our menu planned for the next couple of weeks. She has another Writers Conference coming up in a couple of weeks, so she has to be getting prepared.

She also had to hold down the fort last night while I was in the sleep clinic.

Reed just concentrated on being the cutest little boy this side of Nashville.

It is freezing cold here. So cold, in fact, that our schools are all out tomorrow due to the "extreme" cold!

Correction: It is BELOW freezing cold here!

Reed is busy trying to keep himself warm by running around constantly and cuddling up with us.

He is repeating every word you say to him and he is recognizing animals, colors, etc.
He is very smart.

He is really excited about his birthday and every time that he sees his birthday invitation, he walks around singing "birday, birday."

Some have asked if I am still CVSing. The answer is of course. After coupons and ECBs, I got all this for less $3.50 and earned $5.00 more ECBs than I spent, so I guess I was paid $1.50 for this!
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