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Thursday, December 27, 2012

'twas the Night Before Christmas

This year, Christmas was a completely different celebration for us. Losing my brother in June, we knew that it would be a tough holiday. So, we decided to really shake things up. Instead of staying at my parents house for Christmas Eve, we left Santa a note and told him we were heading to Poppy and Enna's camper.

We went to church with Bobby and family and then had dinner at the Mexican restaurant. After dinner, we went to Bobby and Aly's house and let the kids play a while. They love playing with cousin Joshi.

We headed back to the camper and let the boys open their first present.

You might have expected Christmas PJs, but not for our boys, they needed the monsters. We even got them monster feet slippers. The boys were pretty excited. Reed thought that a present meant more than clothes though.

From getting to stay in the camper, to new PJs, the boys were over the moon excited.

We finally got them snuggled in next to Enna and Poppy and then Santa had to do a few things before bed. Once everyone was asleep Santa quietly delivered his goods and was out like a flash.

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