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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Day 2012

At some point in the night Santa slipped in the camper and delivered the Christmas presents. Thankfully, Enna and Poppy's camper has a fireplace.

Santa left a little cash for the boys' big present (a kid sized sofa for their game room) and then left the other presents. The boys got several things they had asked for and several things that will be useful for them.

We have realized that our boys just don't go crazy over stuff. Every year we get closer and closer to just scrapping the presents and going for a vacation.

After the presents were opened we headed to Uncle Bobby's for Christmas breakfast. Aunt Aly fixed a nice spread.

After breakfast the boys played with Joshi for a bit, then Abbey, Tuck, Will and I went to Durant to visit some family.

We saw Uncle Mitch, Aunt Betty, Ginny, Danny,Baby Maddox, Timothy, Lamar, Aunt Kathy, and Ben. It was great to get to to see them all.

Will and Ben really hit it off. They had a lot of fun together playing restaurant.

We left the boys at Uncle Mitch's while we went to the cemetery. I haven't been back since Trae's funeral. It was an emotional experience, but I am glad that I went.

Soon, Reed called and said we needed to come home to open more presents.

The boys were excited to get some new Wii games and some nerd guns and other things. I think they find most of the thrill in just opening presents.

Aunt Aly fixed another good meal and we enjoyed time with family.

Enna and Poppy out together a prized gift for me and Bobby. A selection of Trae's tools. They will be a great reminder of my big brother.

Joshi came out to the camper to spend the night with us then we went to a yummy breakfast place on the day after Christmas. It was time for goodbyes and head to Memphis for Christmas with Pop and Lola.

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