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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stringer Family Christmas

It has been a very long time since my mom's side of the family has gotten all together. It's not because family get togethers haven't happened, it was more because we didn't make them a priority.

The loss of my brother has been so tough, but it has also taught us the importance of family. So, when the opportunity came up to get together I was ready to jump at the chance. I really wanted my mom and dad to come to, since they have had trouble getting into the Christmas spirit, and that is very understandable.

My mom's siblings and there families were all there. It was exciting to see everyone and how much everyone had changed. I was trying to think back of the last time that I had been with all of them at one time and it had to have been before my grandfather died while I was still in college.

We spent the day nibbling on the massive spread of food, drinking coffee, and catching up. I am one of the oldest cousins, well, now that my brother is gone, I am the second oldest cousin, so most of my cousins were either in elementary or junior high the last time I really visited with them.

It's funny because when you have Facebook, you seem more connected with those you love, but you realize the little things that you miss when you are visiting face to face.

The boys even realized that they really love some of their beautiful cousins they didn't even know that they had.

Of course, they were thrilled to hang out with their first cousin Joshi.

And I loved being with my little brother Bobby.

Will, the flirt, made his rounds. Reed was super impressed with Cooper's hunting pics. Tuck was quite the ladies' man, and I could totally see Nash following in his actor cousin Jim's footsteps.

It's been too long and I know that we will make it a priority to get together sooner this time.

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