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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas at Pop and Lola's House

The boys eagerly awaited the arrival of Aunt Ava and Uncle Brookie, because they knew that we could open presents when they got here.

They patiently waited to be given the go ahead to open presents. They were excited to open the gifts. We have realized this year that for Reed we should have just wrapped lots of empty boxes because the thrill for him was tearing into the papers. He didn't even pause to see what was in them.

Oddly enough, one of the things that he really liked was his annual ornament that Pop and Lola always get him.

Tuck really loved his first present. So much so that we forgot to open his other presents for a little while.

Nash is always so sweet how he appreciates everything that he gets. He is very thankful. He has very good manners.

Will, who is always smiling, was excited to see what he got in his presents. He loved getting his own remote control car. He really racked up on remote control cars. He got three of them.

He also enjoyed the simple things like hot wheels.

Brooks enjoyed unwrapping presents as well. He thought it was fun to see what the big boys got.

The boys got to open their big present from pop and Lola when we got to their house the other day.

They got iPod touches. Yes, we have fully entered the world of digital with our kiddos. Our house is now equipped with a MacBook, two iPhones (with service, we have others), an iPad, three iPod touches, and I hear from a little birdie that I'm getting Apple TV. I hope that the Apple folks got nice bonuses this year.

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