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Sunday, January 02, 2011

New Year!

I really want to just post words tonight, but I know that some people just check the blog for the pics, so here's a slideshow of the boys playing the Wii.

2010 New Year Post: Not really about New Year's.

2009 New Year Post
: Again, not about New Year.

2008 New Year Post: We actually post about New Year's and Reed, of course.

2007 New Year Post
: New Year post recap, nothing about Reed (because we didn't know about him), but did mention getting the nursery ready.

2006 New Year Post
: Random, back before I was a more regular blogger and before I realized using colorful fonts was annoying.

I didn't start the blog until July 2005, so didn't have a New Year post that year. Well, all of this traveling down memory lane was a blast, but that's not what I wanted to point out, every new year since 2007 has made some mention of children in our life.

In January of 2007, had we known how much our lives would change by the entrance of our precious first son Reed only 9 short months later. Life can certainly change quickly.

In January 2010, we had know idea how much richer our lives would become with the entrance of two more precious little boys only 9 short months later.

Our lives are full, our hearts are full, God has truly blessed us and will bless us in 2011.
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