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Friday, January 01, 2010

This Post in Honor of Mr. Bill

Uncle Bill was really excited to find a Mr. Bill doll for Reed while he was in Georgia this Christmas.

We have gotten home and are so glad to be here. It was a great time with family for Christmas, but it was quite tiring at the same time.

Reed has loved being about to play with his toys today and he even took a nice nap today!

Reed has also spent a good bit of time today playing with his train table and his sit-n-spin.

He has also started a new thing of trying to be like "Lightning McQueen". That's his LM face.

Reed then had a great time showing Mr. Bill a good time on the sit-n-spin with the help of Uncle Bill constantly saying; "Oh Nooooo!"

Poor Mr. Bill.

Reed loves his Mr. Bill.

They were both supposed to be making Mr. Bill faces.

We've been fairly successful since we've been home for about 24 hours now.

1. All the Christmas stuff inside is boxed and in the attic.
2. All of the outside stuff is boxed and in the garage.
3. Abbey has gotten the kitchen and living room clean and the laundry done.
4. We are almost ready for the final steps of the bathroom cabinets (much more labor intensive, but I'm very happy with what they are looking at.)
5. The van is almost unloaded, I'm trying to bring stuff in slowly.
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