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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mighty Big Monster Trucks!

Last night the boys saw their Christmas gift from Uncle Bill come to full fruition. They were so thrilled to be able to go to the Monster Truck Rally. Although, the name was really called Monster Jam, Reed couldn't help but call it Monster Truck Rally.

The boys were so excited! They couldn't wait. The entire way to the arena, the boys kept throwing their arms into the air and saying "Monster Truck Rally!"

They waited patiently for the show to begin.

The show started with a loud roar of the monster trucks parading around the arena.

Then they raced one another over the obstacles.

Nash stuck close to Uncle Bill.

Predator is a Monster Truck from Nashville, so we were excited to cheer for a hometown truck!

Prowler is also a Monster Truck from Nashville, so we were excited to get to cheer for TWO hometown trucks. How lucky must our boys be to be able to live in the same area as two fabulous monster trucks?

They were REALLY loud! REALLY LOUD! Nash and Reed were so funny. Anytime the monster trucks were moving, they had their hands close to their ears.

Blue Thunder was a nice truck that did pretty good in the freestyle competition.

He got some major air!

Reed's favorite truck was Monster Mutt. He really thought he was a funny truck.

It was a really fun time and I know that the boys were super impressed.

I asked Reed if he told Mrs. Sheri his Sunday School teacher that he went to the Monster Truck Rally last night. He told me "No, because she would have been sad that she didn't get to go."
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