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Friday, January 07, 2011

Sweet Boys

Our little boys have had a wonderful week.

Nash was looking uber cute. It's not that he doesn't always look cute, but he was looking really cute that day.

Nash's personality is so sweet. He is a very loving little boy. He is happy and makes us laugh so much.

Reed has started really wanting us to tell him that we are "so proud of him." So, now, when he does something really good, we say "Reed we're so proud of you." He immediately says "Not Nash?" So, we have to say, "Well, we're proud of you for doing a good job" instead of focusing on the "Not Nash?"

Nash loves his brother and does everything he does, so now, when we say "Nash, We're so proud of you." Nash says, "Not Reedy?"

Reed has also taught Nash a new phrase "You funny."

Nash will look at me and say, "You funny Daddy."

He is really starting to be a lot more verbal in his English. I am glad because I was a little worried for a while that Reed was talking too much for him.

Of course, Will has been very laid back, as usual.

He is such a happy little boy. His smiles are magical.

And as long as he is not hungry, he is very happy.

We have to watch him closely, because he seems to be very interested in eating paper!

This week was really slow in some ways and really fast in other ways.

Nash and Reed had a lot of fun playing the Wii and with their other Christmas toys.

I need to get some videos of Reed saying "The Lord's Prayer." It's amazing.

I also need to get videos of him playing the Wii. It's so funny. He loves the game "dueling" which he calls "sword fight" and he is so funny to watch.

Tomorrow night Uncle Bill has bought tickets for the boys to go to Monster Jam a Monster Truck competition. The boys are so excited.

Abbey and Will are going to hang out.

We are hoping that the boys are going to sleep in tomorrow morning as a gift to us.

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