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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Finally a new post

I am sure that no one ever looks at this blog, but I will post with the hopes that someone might actually stumble upon it and have some type of life-changing revelation. We had an excellent Christmas which included time with both sides of our family. We got to see my brother Bobby's new (historic) home. Abbey and I are really jealous because it is a great house and we love older homes. We'll just have to visit more often.

December turned out to be one of the busiest months I have had so far at church. On top of that, I was ordained as a minister and I graduated from seminary. Abbey and I were caught off-gaurd by our sentimental feelings about Texas when we were there for my graduation. Life has yet to slow down for us. Abbey and I are now both looking into how we will further our educations. I am set on Southern Baptist Theological Seminary for my doctorate, but I still have to convince them. Abbey knows she wants to do something, but she has not decided yet.

For Christmas, I received many great gifts. None were quite so life-changing as my PDA. I was able to retire my notebook in which I listed my daily activities and then distinctively checked them off with a red marker. Now I can sit at my computer or through a boring meeting and come up with tasks. I can even assign them to my assistant! That is so cool! I love it.

Abbey has had a hard start at getting back into the swing of things at school. She's an excellent teacher, but I am not sure if she thinks its her passion. We're still praying for a baby, so any extra prayers are appreciated.

I have some great pictures to download, but my wife, who is very methodical (in her VERY own way), has somehow lost the cord to the computer. We want to show you our night with Carah and Cate. Maybe this weekend we will get the closet where Abbey's THINKS she might have put the cord clean!
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