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Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Baby Shower

Kay Kay was so very kind and offered to throw us a baby shower for the two new boys!

We had a wonderful time and got some amazing gifts.

We were finally able to meet Jessica's fiance` Will. We are so happy for her.

Kay Kay had a beautiful selection of salads: Chicken Salad, Crab Salad, and Pimento Cheese. Also some yummy fresh fruit.

We got some really nice gifts and everything we got was totally usable.

Debbie and Trudy had a good time.

We were glad that my mom and the boys' Enna got to come to the shower.

Abbey has been in New Mexico all week, so Enna has been here to keep Reed. She left today, so tomorrow Ms. Madrian is coming to keep Reed.

Reed also scored some sweet gifts at the shower.

Trudy was the designated opener of Reed's toys.

Will and Jessica are getting married next June. It's going to be a beautiful wedding, I'm sure.

We got lots of diapers. I love getting diapers as gifts. So practical.

We're so ready to get Reed's brothers home. Court is Tuesday, so be praying!

Kay Kay had the adorable shirts made for the boys. They were so wonderful!

The shirts are hand appliqued. They are really nice.

Ha! I just got that Will and Nash's shirts say "I've LANDed". I knew it said "I've landed" but somehow missed the play on our last name.

Tomorrow, Abbey comes home! We're so ready!
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