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Friday, July 16, 2010

The Best Park Ever

On our last day at Ridgecrest, Reed and I ventured over to Montreat where we discovered the most beautiful park in a wonderful setting.

Not only did the park have lots of different play equipment it had a beautiful creek that was perfect for wading, and it snaked right through it.

Needless to say, Reed had a blast!

They had different levels of park that were appropriate for different age groups. They even had a fun sand pit for little ones.

Reed wanted to do it all.

He didn't quite grasp the concept of this one, but he still had fun.

This week had been ultra busy, so that is why I have not posted.

Today, Abbey is helping give a shower for some Megan and Adele. Their babies are due really close to one another, so a combined shower just made sense.

Abbey is going to New Mexico on Monday, so Enna (my mom) is coming up to help with Reed next week.

Tonight we are having another shower at Kay Kay's house. She was very nice to offer to do a shower for the two boys.

We've also been heavy in the throws of consignment stuff.

We haven't had any updates this week from our agency about the boys, but the court date is set for April 27.

We did find out this week that our application for an amended I-600A is in one of 326 boxes at the new "centralized" immigration office. I called and spoke with a guy who basically told me that there was nothing he could do and there was no way to know where our stuff was. He also said that he couldn't track it. I asked to speak to his supervisor.

The supervisor called me back and told me about the new process. He said that they were processing new applications first and then pending ones. Great. That meant ours was pending and not priority. He did say they knew where our box was, so that if need be, they could pull our file for expedited service.

So, pray that our approval will come soon!
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