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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Play Doh Playtime!

First of all, I apologize for being such a terrible blogger lately, but in all honesty, we've been burning the candles at both ends of the sticks.

We've been very busy working on consignment stuff for our favorite consignment sale, Encores and More North.

This year, we have lots to buy. We've got to buy stuff for Will, Reed, and Nash! Plus, at this sale, we like to buy toys and things for Christmas.

The other day, Reed had about 1.5 hours of wonderful Play Doh time!

Reed has quite the setup when it comes to Play Doh!

He made Play Doh earphones.

A Play Doh Dinosaur.

Play Doh spaghetti.

He concentrated very well on his project.

And then he made some Play Doh chicken.

He was quite creative.

And opinionated.

Note to self: Help Reed realized the limitations of the oven.

Later, he and Mama made Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Reed is a great cook.

And he loves to lick the beater.

Today, Abbey and I finally cleaned our closet completely out and started over. Thankfully, Lola is here visiting and she was able to entertain Reed and then boxed up all of our donate piles for us.

It's so nice to have that done!

Our ninth anniversary is Wednesday, so Abbey and I decided to get each other new bedding for our gifts. Our old bedding was tired ... really tired.

We were able to throw this collection together from with the help of TJ Maxx. You should go!

So, I hope to blog a little better this week. On Thursday, we have the big consignment shop, so can't wait to show you the great buys we get!
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