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Friday, July 09, 2010

Fun Times at Poppy and Enna's

After we left Pop and Lola's house, we headed south to see Poppy and Enna. Reed was really excited to see them. Reed asked Poppy to take him for a ride on his tractor. Poppy's tractor used to be my Papa's tractor so it has a lot of special memories for me.

Reed had a lot of fun riding on the tractor. We did not have a long time to visit only a couple of days, but it was good to be home. I really love living in Tennessee, but Mississippi still has my heart. It also has lots and lots of potholes!

It's so funny to see the tractor now, because it looks pretty dated. I remember when it was shiny and new. Enna and Poppy took Reed to some friends house where he saw Goats, Donkeys, and little horses. They let Abbey and me go to see a movie! We went to see grownups. Hilarious!

I think that Enna was excited to see Reed, too! Enna is coming up next Saturday to keep Reed while I work and Abbey goes to New Mexico to teach at a conference. Reed is excited about that.

Of course, you would know that we couldn't stay home long, so now we are in North Carolina where Abbey is teaching at a conference. Reed and I are hanging out and playing. Tomorrow we're going to see my Cousins Margie and Ivy.
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