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Monday, July 05, 2010

Drake/Covington Fourth of July Celebration

We always look forward to going to cousin Molly and John's house for the Fourth of July celebration. It was lots of fun! Abbey made a patriotic cupcake creation.

It was good to see people that we don't get to see very often and it was amazing to see how much the family has grown.

Cousin Jason was a real trooper. He kept the kids entertained the entire time!

Brady, Ella, and Hugh have a lot of fun playing together.

Aunt Mellie enjoyed entertaining baby Claire.

Reed was really shy around the kids, which is very typical behavior for him. He did enjoy playing in some leftover water from the waterslide.

Pop, Lola, and Ava enjoyed some of Uncle Jimmy's homemade ice cream.

Our very thoughtful family had a shower for us for the two new little ones.

Aunt Mellie made this super cute "eye spy" quilt and backed it with a map.

The quilt is going to be featured in an issue of McCall's Easy Quilt magazine. It was really thoughtful how she chose different pieces of fabric that represented who things we hold dear to us.

We got giftcards, trucks, clothes, and lots of books. Aunt Karen is a librarian and she chose lots of fun books.

Aunt Ava read "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" to Reed.

Aunt Leslie and Uncle Jason got Will a cute little outfit and Nash a couple of fun books. I love the title of this book "Boys are Best".

Aunt Molly and Aunt Suzy got Abbey this wonderful ring with the boys' names stamped on them. They are each intertwined. It was very thoughtful.

Reed was thankful that Uncle John gave him a popsicle.

Abbey, Aunt Ava, and Pop posed for a picture.

I had to trick baby Ava into letting me hold her.

Pop and Reed played with "sparkulars".

Not the best family picture.

Of course, Reed had a great time playing with Lola. He loves hanging out with her.

Must have been something really interesting happening out in the wild yonder, but it was a great picture of Lola so I put it on.

Finally, Reed and Ella started playing together up in Brady's family room.

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