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Sunday, July 11, 2010

North Carolina Update

Yesterday morning, Reed and I met up with my cousins Margie (and Stephen), Ivy, Abby, Corbin, and Xander.

Reed and Corbin had a great time playing with one another.

I had a good time catching up with my cousins that I had not seen in a while.

Xander is a sweet little guy.

Ivy had to open up some candy for Reed.

After Cracker Barrel, we headed to see my Great Aunt Shirley, Cousins Hope and Grace Ann.

Reed was really impressed by the way Grace Ann spoke with her mom. Cousin Hope is deaf and Grace Ann knows ASL really well and communicates wonderfully with her parents.

Later, we played at the playground.

Reed had a lot of fun letting cars go down the slide.

He was very intent.

And at the same time, he was a monkey!

He then went to the swings where he had a complete blast.

I love this pic!

Afterwards, we headed to the auditorium and sat on the rockers while we waited on Mama and Uncle Bill to get out of class.

Reed and I have had a lot of fun hanging out with each other.

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