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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Walt Disney World on the Cheap

We had a couple of Southwest Rapid Rewards ticket that were expiring soon and Uncle Bill was in need of a trip. He said that he would pay for Reed's way to Disney if we would pay our way. So, we decided to use two FF tix and come to Disney.

Reed loved riding in the Limo that takes us from the parking place we use to the airport. Ironically, it's cheaper than parking at the airport and much more convenient.

When we were researching ways to go to Disney cheap, we found this place to go to a Timeshare thing where you get your tix to Disney free and REALLY cheap condo rental. Really cheap!

So, Abbey and I are headed out in a few minutes to endure a 90 minute presentation about Timeshares, even though we would never consider purchasing. Since we had extra space in the condo we rented, we invited Ms Candace to come along with us as well.

Uncle Bill and Candace are going to hang out with reed while we suffer for our tickets.

Reed is SO EXCITED! We have never seen him so excited. He has loved everything about the trip so far and we haven't even seen Mickey Mouse. He was thrilled to ride in the limo, then he loved getting to play at the airport.

He even talked Uncle Bill into buying him a bag of Cheetos. I don't know that he is going to be able to talk Uncle Bill into getting on the teacups.

He was so funny on the airplane. Even though he has flown before, this is the first time that he remembers flying.

As we were backing away from the gate he was looking out the window at the man holding the lights to guide the plane. The man waved to Reed. Reed waved back and from then on, Reed was VERY worried about the man. He didn't know how the man was going to get into the plane.

Of course, Mommy was glad that Ms. Candace bought a new Karen Kingsbury book this week so she could read it.

As we were landing, Reed's ears stopped up and he was literally yelling "Why I can't hear myself?" It was so funny. That was only one of the nearly 1000 questions he asked while we were on the plane.

Reed loves his Uncle Bill. So, he also calls the place we're staying "Uncle Bill's Disney House" and we are riding in "Uncle Bill's Disney Car" which thankfully turned out to be a Chrysler Town and Country, even though he really reserved a Kia Rio (economy! car)!

He is so happy about going to see Mickey Mouse. This afternoon, we are going to Downtown Disney, because we didn't want to waste a ticket on only a half-day. We plan to go see Toy Story 3 today.

Until tomorrow ...
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