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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Hot in Tennessee!

So, the other night, Reed was talking and playing in his bed when all of a sudden he got really quiet. I checked on him before we headed to bed, but he wasn't in his bed. That's a little freaky if it's never happened to you.

Thankfully, though, he had made himself a pallet on the other side of his bed and went to sleep. He was so cute, but I was scared that he would wake up and be scared if he was down there, so I moved him to his bed.

Our little outdoorsman has been spending a little more time inside over the past couple of days as temperatures here in middle Tennessee have reached nearly 100 degrees. Even our neighborhood pool is hot. I was putting new signs out by the pool the other day and was completely drenched by the time I finished in just under 15 minutes.

Tomorrow is yard mowing day, so that's going to be tough. I'll definitely have to wait until early evening before mowing. We've been taking Reed out after the sun starts going down to play, but tonight, when Tamara and Britton walked by she told us that it was still 91 degrees at almost 8:00 PM!

Reed has also decided that this week naps are overrated. So, that does not help his stir-craziness.

But, he is still one of the most adorable kids in the world.
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