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Monday, June 07, 2010

VBS Week

VBS is finally here, or should I say, "I can't believe that VBS week is already here!" It seems like this week has been coming for quite a while, but at the same time, it seems like we hardly had any time at all to prepare.

Reed has been really excited about coming to VBS. Abbey is our VBS director and I am the VBX (preteen) class director. If any of you out there are using Saddle Ridge Ranch, be sure to check out the crafts this year. My very talented, awesome wife was the writer of the crafts manual.

I think that I posted the other day that Reed was struggling to figure out how to ride his bike. Scratch that. He's great at it now and he wants to ride it EVERYDAY! Of course, his favorite this about riding his bike is looking for Britton who is most likely also riding his bike. Tonight, we rode for about 45 minutes around our neighborhood looking for Britton. After about 95 times of Reed asking to see Britton we finally gave up and Reed and Lola went in.

I was outside working in the yard when all of a sudden Britton and his family appeared coming from the exact direction that we were just walking in.

Apparently, we had missed each other.

Tomorrow we are expecting a great day at VBS and can't wait to see how God uses this week. After VBS, Miss Candace, Uncle Bill, and I have to leave to go to work. After work, we'll meet back up with the family at Chickfila for church bulletin night.

I'll try to post some VBS pics tomorrow.
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