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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Every year, for Father's Day, I only want one thing. On my first father's day, Abbey made a canvas for me using Reed's hand and footprints. I love it and have loved since the day I got it. Last year, I got another canvas and I was afraid that I might not get one this year. But, of course, Abbey had a plan.

Reed chose the colors this year. He chose a purply color and lime green.

He was very careful to cover the canvas front as fully as possible.

He told me this morning that the paint made him ticklish.

He really got into the painting with his full body. Of course, besides the fact that he had a little paint on his elbow when I got home, he was so excited to tell me that he had made a surprise for me.

He used the paintbrush for the lime green to add more detail.

I think that he had fun with the project.

Lots of fun!

Last night we went to Danny and Michelle's for dinner. It's been so long since we have been over to their house, so it was so nice to get to see them all again. I can't believe how big their kids have gotten.

WE had a delicious meal. Reed was really shy for most of the time and then all of a sudden he started talking to Caleb. Then he was not ready to go home anymore.

Carah showed the little kids pictures of her and Cate with Abbey and me a long time ago when they were little bitty. Before we had kids, Carah and Cate were like our little girls.

My Father's Day has been wonderful, other than the fact that Reed absolutely would not take a nap today. It was still a great day! We had a blast and I got the canvas that I treasure each year.
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