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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Hot Nights and Skeeter Bites

Lola and Aunt Ava came to our house this past weekend for a little visit. Aunt Ava needed a break after school and it has been a while since she has seen Reed, so she decided to pick Lola up and come for a visit.

Abbey found a recipe for grilled pizzas on one of her Mommy Blogs so we had grilled pizzas one night. It was really good.

I really hope that my hair is not as gray as it looks in this picture! Reed had a lot of fun helping with the pizzas. Of course, I think that his favorite thing was to eat the cheese off of everyone's pizzas.

Speaking of eating, Reed is finally starting to eat some normal foods like chicken, pork, and beef! The other day he ate sausage at breakfast, last night he ate chicken nuggets, and tonight he ate ground beef. We were thrilled!

I'm certainly not the best griller on the earth, but I do enjoy getting to use my grill. It was kind of fun to grill the pizzas!

I told you that Reed was enjoying the cheese.

Doesn't the finished product look yummy?

Aunt Ava got Reed some 3-D sidewalk chalk. I'm not exactly sure what made it 3-D, but it did come with glasses.

Reed loves to get some presents!

I love the fact that they look so similar in this picture. Check out their lips!

Today Abbey and Reed had a playdate with the Freys and Batsons. They checked out a new children's playplace in a nearby city. I think they had fun.

I guess any time there are balls and cars Reed is going to have a good time.

Cooper and Hudson are growing up so quickly. Soon they will have another little brother! So, we'll both have a set of three boys, with very similar ages and age differences.

I think that they have a lot of fun playing together. It's really interesting to see how their personalities have developed.

They decided to head to Qdoba for lunch.

Then Reed and Abbey decided to go and visit Nana Sprinkles. I think that they had a great day!
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