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Thursday, June 17, 2010


One of the best things about last week at VBS was one of the greatest discoveries we've made in a long time. A completely sweet and absolutely fabulous new babysitter. Reed really loves her and she loves him. She's been over a couple of times this week as Abbey has a project she's working on.

Miss Madrian graduated from high school this year and we would let her move in with us tomorrow if she wanted to. She's amazing with Reed. Today, she brought him colors which he loved.

We have never been able to get Reed to concentrate on drawing for any length of time.

He really had fun today. Madrian took caught a couple of videos that are really cute. I am trying to upload at least one of them right now.

Of course, I think that Reed has a little crush on Madrian.

In other news, we were thrilled today to get our court date for our boys!!! We have a date of July 20! So hopefully we will be traveling in late summer/early fall and getting our hands on those precious little boys!

It has been so hot here the past couple of days. Reed sweats in his sleep, so he has been really sweaty!

We've had LOTS of popsicles.

Tonight as I was putting Reed in his bed, he proved that he is 100% boy. Lola gave Reed this gigantic sock monkey named Sammy. Well, Sammy was in an seated position on Reed's bed and I pushed him over a little bit so Reed could lay down.

Reed looked over and saw that Sammy was mooning him and all of a sudden he started cracking up saying "I see Sammy's booty." He thought that was the funniest thing in the world.

I think he laughed hysterically for 5 minutes. I love his giggles. They are so funny!

Click on the picture above to see a video.
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