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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Super Saturday

This morning, Abbey made Blueberry French Toast Stars. They were yummy.

Reed really liked them, but he called them strawberries.

Everyone enjoyed their breakfasts, especially Reed.

With his mouth open.

Around lunch, Abbey's Uncle Edward, Aunt Darlene, and cousin AJ arrived with her friend Audrey.

Abbey, Lola, and the Burks' went to the Singing Tree while Reed and I napped. Pop was working at the Singing Tree, so he was already there.

I think that AJ likes Reed a lot.

Uncle Edward is Lola's brother.

Abbey made a Rum Cake and we had boiled custard after eating supper at Macaroni Grill. We met a beautiful little girl from Vietnam named Ema. She was absolutely adorable! Her parents are starting to think about their next adoption, so we were telling them about Taiwan.

I think that Reed really liked the attention from the girls.

Aunt Darlene loved the fruit salsa and rum cake, so Abbey wrote out the directions.

Reed likes to stand at the top of the steps and throw balls down to whoever will catch them. AJ and Audrey were good sports.

Pop was in time-out.

I think the girls wore Reed out.

Max usually prefers for Reed to stay further away from him, even though Reed faithfully prays for him every night.
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