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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oh Where Have We Been?

Sorry there has been such a lag in blogging! We've been terribly busy!

The other day, Abbey and Stacy met up for some Mommy time while Hudson, Cooper, and Reed set up for some guy time. They had a lot of fun. So much so that this is the only photo from the playdate.

Reed has recently rebelled against potty training, so whenever we are home, you might catch him without pants! We're trying hard to be disciplined with him, but its getting long and trying.

The other night, Uncle Bill invited us over for supper with the Meadors' family.

Uncle Bill thought of everything, sippy cups, kids' plates, stuffed stockings, and Christmas presents for the kids.

Reed enjoyed hanging out with Jacob.

Uncle Bill created a beautiful spread.

Sunday morning, we had a pancake party for our Sunday School kids. The girls enjoyed the pancakes, the boys devoured them.

My project this week, besides battling a sinus infection, has been to paint the cabinets in our bathroom. We have been wanting to renovate them since we moved in, because we can't stand the oak, but we've been cautious about biting the bullet.

We also hate the door pulls so it was time to give them an updated look. We do have the door that is missing, but I took it off to take it to Sherwin Williams to get them to tell me EXACTLY what to do. We are painting them antique white and finishing with a French Roast glaze. To save on costs, we decided to try painting the drawer pulls. So far, I think they look really good. The process is taking a lot longer than I thought it would because the oil based paint dries so slowly.

Yesterday, Reed spent most of the day with Leah and had a blast! Today, MeiMei came over to play with Reed. I'll post pictures tomorrow.

I can't end this post without updating you that though we've had tons of setbacks with the pottying, Reed did make a stinky tonight (mostly in the potty!)! ;-)
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